MUSIC Faculty

We do not mean to brag, but... oh well,  we will anyway! TBS has a superb music staff. 

Obviously, we  are very thankful for their musical abilities, teaching acumen, pleasant and kind personalities, and desire to teach children how to serve God with musical talent, 

These dedicated servants make for a robust music program which ends up needing three separate year-end recitals to ensure all students perform.


What can you do for your children that provides a life-long benefit? Give them the gift of music!

Music lessons have to be one of the best investments for children. Learning an instrument builds confidence, helps develop self-discipline, affects academics in a positive way, and is a source of enjoyment. Unlike sports, which is great for kids, but those skill sets tend to diminish with age, musical ability lasts for life. Not many people regret taking music lessons; many wished they had! Well, here's your chance to provide your child with superior teaching at a reasonable cost. 

TBS offers lessons at incredibly low prices (compare and see) by qualified personnel.  And there's no need to take your children to their lesson since they can take the instruction here at school. They receive individual instruction from a qualified instructor.  Music lessons typically last 30 minutes. 

We offer PIANO and STRING  instruction and our students perform in their recitals each April/May.  Students usually begin to take lessons in first grade (piano) and fourth grade (violin). 

It's best to sign up early because lessons tend to fill up quickly.