How To COntact us

Here are our contact options. 

  • US MAIL  

    45825 Russell Branch Pkwy

    Dulles, VA  20166


    Our phone  is 703-437-7401   and it works for school or church. Same number. And hopefully, a real human being will answer your call.   (Except for snow days)  

    Our fax is 703-437-7430. Comes in handy for transcripts.


  • E-MAIL

    E-mail addresses

    School Office:

    Our office manager is  friendly and very helpful. 

    (Her name is pronounced: Ma LEEN uh, but don't tell her we gave this pronunciation aide.)


    Mr. Listh--Super-helpful and friendly.

    Elementary Supervisor (K5-6th)

    Laura deals with any issues related from K5 to 6th. She's a graduate from TBS and teaches 3rd grade, too. And she's working on a doctorate.

    High School Supervisor: (7th-12th)

    This includes grades 7 through 12. Brian is also our math guru. 

    Preschool K3/K4 questions?

    For individual teachers, please use first name, last name and  (no spaces, no caps)

    Need pastoral help?

    Pastor David Pittman

  • Tours

    Arrange an informative and friendly tour with Mrs. Stryker, School Office Manager (and mom of three).

    Need more info? 

    Call the school at 703-437-7401. 

    Something to consider: We are a Christian school in a post-Christian era, so we are not for everyone.