1. Arrange a tour of the facilities and talk with our school office to get your questions answered. We are currently offering VIRTUAL LIVE TOURS.  Just as good as the real thing. 

2. Pick up an information packet and peruse it.

3. Fill out an application form with accompanying fee and submit to the school office. The registration form is not considered valid without the application fee; it's how we know families are really interested. Submit the form to the school office with fee.

4. Testing: Students in most grades will need to take a placement test. You can make arrangements with Mrs. Stryker  for this. (Usually, it's math and language based)

5. Interview: Upper elementary and high school students must have an interview with school personnel.  (Can be done with testing, time permitting.)

6. If you have an enrollment application and fee registered with us and you are placed on the waiting list, the registration fee is refundable. We will call you when an opening occurs. If you can't wait and need to make other arrangements, we will refund your money - if you call when the class is still full. 

We do encourage you to use the waiting list because change is the norm for the DC metro area ; you just never know when a slot might open up.

Please be advised that our kindergarten students in K3 (and beyond of course) must speak English and must be able to go to the bathroom on their own.