In School  Learning

Right now we are offering IN SCHOOL learning (with all kinds of protections, such temperature scans, plexiglass partitions, mask/faceguard requirements, limited interactions in groups etc.)  and simultaneous AT HOME learning.  NOTE: Most students in IN PERSON but just about every class has a few DISTANCE LEARNERS.*

This is also true of our music lesson program. 

Most grades are full for in-school learning. The exception is for our K3 and K4 classes - there are openings there. Because so many are working at home, the classes that were very hard to get into are now much easier to access.  It used to be K3 and K4 would fill up by mid-summer. COVID 19 has changed that. Too bad ... as we have an excellent academic program that makes learning fun with a terrific staff.  

How does this work?

At-home students join the class in REAL TIME and are considered at school. They must be present and in a school uniform for this to work. [It's not a drop-in-when-you-feel-like-it kind of thing.] 

Every student is given an account which includes a unique e-mail address and access to Microsoft 365 suite of software . This includes in -school students who have been prepared to go to distance learning in case of a governmental directive. (Hope not!)  Software to communicate: One Note, One Drive, Zoom and Teams. 

The teacher uses a mic and camera to communicate to the "at home" students who can be seen on a 55" TV located on the back wall of the classroom. They participate in real time and are regular attendees. It's just like they were in the classroom, but they are at home.  In fact, distant learning families could change their mind at the quarter and claim a real seat in class.

At present about 20% of our students are on-line but they are also present for the greater part of the school day, excluding lunch and bathroom breaks, of course. 

Check out the school's FACEBOOK page for latest photos and videos of the school. We post almost daily whether you want us to or not.  Yes, birthdays, news, and information.

So take a look at the wonderful (well, what else would we say?) resource at the following FB address.

* There are standards for DISTANCE LEARNERS that must be met.

Temple Baptist School @ templebaptistschoolva on Facebook. 

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