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The 2022-2023 year is the last year at our Herndon location. Our new campus will be open August 2023. Well, at least Phase 1 will be.   The new school will open with limited room until Phase 2 is built. 

There is also a future Phase 3.


Supply Lists for 2022-2023 School Year:

Grades 7-12

Grades 1-6

Grades K3-K4-K5

2022-2023 Year at a Glance

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ODACS Regional Results for TBS

Grades 7-9 and Grades 10-12



Level II Grades 7-8-9 Results ODACS Northern Region


First Place English:   Grace Johnson

First Place Math:  Zeah Hayat

First Place History:  Savannah Shenouda

First Place OT Bible:   Sam Balian

First Place Creative Writing / Poetry:   Hannah DuBois


Second Place Science:  Zeah Hayat

Second Place NT Bible:  Savannah Shenouda


Third Place Creative Writ. / Short Story:  Isabella Kudrin

Third Place Spanish:  Daniel Herrara



Level III Grades 10-11-12 Results ODACS Northern Region


First Place English:  Mikayla Dailey

First Place Algebra/Geometry:  Jaden dela Cruz

First Place World History/Geography: Marissa Durham

First Place Biology:  Ezra Assefa

First Place Old Testament Bible:   Josiah Lawrence

First Place Spelling:   Mikayla Dailey

First Place Accounting:   Hannah Durham

First Place Home Economics: Mikayla Dailey


Second Place Spanish:    Hannah Durham

Second Place Political Science/Economics:  Alec Baly

Second Place Expository Writing/Essay:  Josiah Lawrence

Second Place New Testament Bible:  Lania Stewart


Third Place Advanced Math:   Sophie Gustafson

Third Place Chemistry:  Kebron Assefa

Third Place Music Theory:  Lillian dela Cruz

Third Place US History/Geography:  Micayla Pittman

Third Place Creative Writing/Poetry:  Caroline Dailey

Third Place Physics:  Sophie Gustafson




Level II and Level III Results ODACS Northern Region


First Place Choral Group Level II

First Place Choir Level II

First Place Orchestra Level II

First Place Choral Group Level III

First Place Handbell Choir First Place

First Place Small Instrumental Ensemble Level III

       [Andrew, Josiah, Kebron, Sophie, Mikayla]

First Place String Solo Level III: Mikayla Dailey

First Place Small Instrumental Ensemble Level II

        [Niko, Isaac, Grace J, Savannah, Elizabeth, Zeah]

First Place Small Vocal Ensemble

        [Melody, Eva, Dariana, Zeah, Elizabeth, Savannah]


Second Place Small Vocal Ensemble Level III

        [Mikayla, Sophie, Hannah D, Lania, Lillian, Marissa]

Second Place Classical Piano Duet Level II:                                            Eva dela Cruz / Chidum Mbata

Second Place Sacred Piano Duet Level III:                                               Kebron Assefa / Mikayla Dailey

Second Place Classical Piano Solo Level II:                                              Noah Vanderwill

Second Place Sacred Piano Solo Level II:                                                   Elizabeth Stryker

Second Place String Solo Level II:                                                                  Grace Johnson


Third Place Handbell Ensemble

Third Place Sacred Piano Solo:  Lania Stewart

Third Place Sacred Piano Duet Level II:                                                     Dariana Aguilar/ Grace Johnson

Third Place Classical Piano Duet Level III:                                                 Hannah and Marissa Durham




Level II and Level III Results ODACS Northern Region


First Place Still Life Photography Level III:                                             Andrew Lawrence

First Place Landscape Photography Level II:                                           Elizabeth Stryker

First Place Oil/Acrylic Painting Level II:                                                   Hannah DuBois


Second Place Watercolor Level II:                                                                Isabella Kudrin

Second Place Monochromatic Drawing Level II :                                 Jesse Assefa

Second Place Polychromatic Drawing Level II:                                     Grace Johnson

Second Place Still Life Photography Level II:                                         Melody Lawrence

Second Place Acrylic Level III:                                                                        Marissa Durham

Second Place People Photography Level II:                                               Maya Alfonse


Third Place Landscape Photography Level III:                                         Caroline Dailey




Preaching Level III

First Place Topical:  Josiah Lawrence

First Place Expository:  Andrew Lawrence

HS ODacs state coMPETITION: march 17/18

  Landmark Baptist School: Richmond


spring break: aPRIL 11-15

iowa testing: aPRIL 18-22


  international day April 29

COngrats to our students on their fanTastic showing at ODACS ACADEMIC, BIBLE, And FINE ARTS COmpetition. 



First Place Ribbons

Bible Quiz Team

Choral Group

Small Vocal Ensemble

Sacred Piano Duet: Sophia Perry and Gadiel Fernandez

Expository Preaching: Zachary Dunn

Male Vocal Solo: Philip DeVane

Evangelistic Preaching: Jacob Stryker

Topical Preaching: Philip DeVane

Poetry/Creative Writing: Clarissa Fluegge

Textiles: Clarissa Fluegge

Still Life/Macro Photography: Jonah Rediger

Second Place Ribbons

Old Testament Bible Knowledge: Esther Faubert

Science: Vihaan Bhatnagar

History: Henry DuBois

Bible Sword Drill: Malachi Pittman

Bible Memory: Mia Clemente

Monochromatic Drawing: Jacob Stryker

Female Vocal Solo: Nayelin Lara

Dramatic Speech: Dhruv Ahluwalia

Classical Piano Duet: Abigail and Tommy Spencer

Third Place Ribbons

Youth Choir (4th-6th grades - all)

Poetry/Speech: Abigail Spencer

String Solo: Clarissa Fluegge

Sacred Piano Solo: Abigail Spencer

Classical Piano Solo: Naomi Merlos

Small Instrumental Ensemble

Bible Teaching: Angie Roa

Calligraphy: Aliyah Zegada

Polychromatic Drawing: Samantha Cho

Watercolor: Sophia Petty

Garment Construction: Gabriella Guevara

Poster: Naomi Merlos

Landscape/Architecture Photo: Caleb Sizemore

NT Bible Knowledge: Hannah Zegada

Creative Writing/Short story: Henry DuBois

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