• TBS operates a religiously exempt child day center. We are inspected annually by the Virginia Department of Social Services.
  • Temple Baptist School's Pre-School and Daycare Program is a  ministry of Temple Baptist Church. The program is religiously exempt from licensure. Our staff's qualifications can be found in the Parent-Student Handbook. We require our staff to maintain annual health examinations, including screenings for TB. Temple Baptist Church holds public liability insurance for the childcare center and school. If you have any questions regarding any of these statements, please contact the school office at 703-437-7400.
  • Fairfax County lists our total enrollment capacity at our facility at 1545 Dranesville to 275 students,
  • The church is located on approximately six  acres in northwest Fairfax County, just ouside the Herndon town limits. 
  • The church facility that houses the program has 150,000 square feet, which includes a gym, cafeteria (for sack lunches; we do not prepare cooked food), an auditorium (seats 580), a library, a locker room, a fellowship hall, a fenced playground with various kinds of play equipment, including swings,  and an athletic field. There are at least 19 classrooms in the building. 
  • Children in the K3/K4/K5 program enrolled in the daycare aspect of the school are provided with snacks,  Students bring their own lunch. 
  • Handwashing procedures have been implemented by staff and children.
  • The maxiumum number of students in the K3/K4 program will not exceed 50. Total students in the building are not to exceed 275. 
  • We are a racially diverse school; we're actually MORE diverse than Fairfax County! So obviously, we do NOT discriminate on the basis of race which would be unbiblical. [Of course, it's illegal, but that's not the point.] We have students from many different areas of the world and we embrace the diversity because man was made in the image of God and we believe the only race that counts... is the human race. "For God is no respecter of persons..."

Temple Baptist School

1545 Dranesville Rd

Herndon, Virginia 20170


Accredited through NACSAA