We are a Christian school currently located in Herndon, Virginia. Our students range from three year olds to seniors heading off for college. TBS is part of the ministry of Temple Baptist Church. Typically, we have about 240 students in our amazingly diverse student body with families from all over the globe. 

Our goal is to provide a caring, but structured, academic and spiritual environment for our students. 

TBS has a strong academic program to improve the mind of each student. In the lower grades, students are taught solid basics to give them a sound foundation for learning. As they progress into the high school years, students are challenged to develop critical thinking and writing skills to prepare them for college. 

Not only do we aim to improve the mind, we are concerned about the heart of the student. Education is value-laden, so teaching and learning do not take place in a philosophical vacuum. Although the prevailing moral climate favors 'consensus morality' and 'situation ethics,' we subscribe to the moral precepts found in the Bible, God's Word to mankind.

We also think school ought to be a welcoming and warm place where children are nurtured and learning is fun. It's a quite a feat to combine rigor with the fun, but our excellent teachers do it - every day.

The goal is for the student to imitate Christ in the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social realm - as Christ did in Luke 2:52. 

In a nutshell, the mission of TBS is to prepare our students academically and spiritually for a life of service to Jesus Christ.