Love God? Love Kids? Love teaching? Hmm!

From time to time, we seek caring and competent teachers who are committed Christians and who agree  with the TBS philosophy. 

Turnover at TBS is relatively rare (thank goodness), but you never know. Actually, it shows our employees stay with us because... well, they like it here.

You can express your interest with an e-mail to the administrator and see if there are openings:

All employees must agree to be faithful members of Temple Baptist Church.

We are always looking for good people , even though we might not have an opening right away, so don't hesitate to contact us if you feel the Lord may have you join the staff here and you have a heart to serve kids.


Some benefits:

* great work environment

* excellent health insurance

* regular raises

* lots of time off (so do other schools, but we're in the selling mode here - 10 month contract, but actual teaching? 9 months)

* graduate tuition reimbursement

* retirement annuity

* performance bonuses

* life insurance

* housing benefit (low rent with ability to purchase down the road at reduced market pricing)