TBS  is  relocating

We are inching closer to a new church and school campus in Dulles/Ashburn. This long awaited goal has had many obstacles, but with the promise of incredible blessings. The new facility will be on a spacious campus setting which opens up many more opportunities for our school and church family. 

Obviously, we  look forward this new chapter in our history for the coming years.  

The most likely scenario for the school family is that the transition from Herndon to Dulles will take place in 2023. School will start in Ashburn in August of 2023, Lord willing. Location: Near Route 28 and Route 7.  

Want to take a peek? The construction site is directly across from the Kincora Fire and Safety Station on Russell Branch Parkway.  


* Spacious classrooms

* New Science Lab/Computer Lab

* Ball fields for soccer and softball

* Cafeteria (Yes. Meals at school. Whoa.)

* Double-sized gym

* Park-like setting

* Outdoor chapel

* Indoor and outdoor playgrounds


Our new location will be just off Route 28.  To the southwest our neighbors are the Washington Football Team and directly east is  Kincora Fire and Rescue Station and across Route 28, the Dulles Town Centre Mall. 

Note: Pacific Blvd on this map has been renamed.  That section of the road is now known as Russell Branch Parkway.  The construction sites in the photo to the east of Route 28 will be data centers.